Book Review: 39 Clues

Okay so really this is a series review. It's a new series that came out last year and so far there are 9 books. The basic storyline is that there are these two orphans, Dan and Amy Cahill who had a wonderful Aunt Grace. Aunt Grace passes away in the beginning of book 1. In her will she leaves behind either 2 million dollars or the chance to become the most powerful person in the world through the first of 39 clues that will lead them to a long lost family secret. Amy and Dan take the challenge and head off in an around the world chase to be the first to uncover the set of clues. Of course other members of the family are also searching and they are not above lying, deciet or even murdering to get thier hands on the clues.

These books are a quick read and lots of fun! They take you back through history in various coutries of the world! Russia, Asia, China, Australia, etc. they just continue on. So if you want something fun and enjoyable while keeping you a little on edge, these are the books to read!

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